PST On-Line Registry

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Welcome to the Provincial Sales Tax on-Line Registry

All businesses operating in Saskatchewan are required to be licenced or registered with the Ministry of Finance for Provincial Sales Tax (PST) purposes. This on-line service allows taxpayers to verify the businesses they are dealing with have met this requirement and have an active PST vendor's licence or registered consumer number.

A vendor's licence is issued to businesses making retail sales. These businesses may purchase goods for resale exempt from PST by quoting their vendor's licence number to their suppliers. Goods that are not for resale may not be purchased tax free.

A registered consumer number is issued to businesses operating in Saskatchewan that do not generally make retail sales but purchase taxable goods and services for business use. This number cannot be used to purchase goods or services without paying the PST.

The PST registry will confirm a business has either a vendor's licence or a registered consumer number, but will not disclose the number. To mitigate privacy concerns, some accounts registered by individuals have been removed from this service.

Note: The PST registry does not replace the contract clearance process for non-resident contractors. For further information regarding the clearance process please see Information Bulletin PST-38, Information for Non-Resident Real Property and Service Contractors.

Conditions of Use and Disclaimer

The information provided by this registry is not intended to provide legal advice or to be relied on as binding in any dispute, claim, action, demand or proceeding. The Ministry of Finance disclaims all liability for the use of information provided by this service by any user, including any losses, damages, lawsuits, claims or expenses anyone may incur as a result of using this information.

Any commercial reproduction, downloading or linking of the registry or results is strictly prohibited.

Use of the PST On-Line Registry is only to validate that a business is registered for Provincial Sales Tax purposes.