Beverage Container Program

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Understand the Beverage Container Program

Saskatchewan’s Beverage Container Collection and Recycling Program (BCP) is a province-wide system for the collection and recycling of non-refillable beverage containers sold and distributed in Saskatchewan.

Purchasers of ready-to-serve beverages in Saskatchewan must pay an environmental handling charge (EHC) and a refundable deposit to encourage the return of beverage containers for recycling.

In order to distribute ready-to-serve beverages in Saskatchewan, manufacturers and distributors (first importers) must apply to the Ministry of Environment for approval of their containers.

Once a business obtains approval, they will receive a licence to collect and remit the EHC and refundable deposit on approved containers.

File a Beverage Container Program Return


Businesses licensed to collect and remit the environmental handling charge (EHC) and refundable deposits on ready-to-serve beverage containers must file monthly Beverage Container Program (BCP) returns.

You must complete and submit your BCP Return with payment by the due date to avoid penalty and interest charges. The due date is the 20th day of the month following the end of the reporting period.

If there are no EHC and refundable deposits to report for the period, you must still file a “NIL” return.


You must report total quantities for all containers distributed in Saskatchewan. Containers given away or consumed in promotions are also subject to the EHC and deposits.

How to File

There are several ways to file your BCP return:

  1. File using Saskatchewan eTax Service (SETS), which is an online service that offers a secure, fast and convenient way to file your BCP return.

We recommend registering for SETS if you would like to access other provincial tax accounts, see past transactions, view your statement of account, etc. Register for an account via the SETS homepage.

  1. File BCP Returns by mail:
    • Complete the BCP return form received by mail;
    • Make cheque payable to the Minister of Finance; and
    • Forward completed form along with payment to:

           Ministry of Finance

           Revenue Division

           PO Box 200

           Regina SK S4P 2Z6

3. File in person or by courier:

           Main Floor

           2350 Albert Street

           Regina SK

  1. Make payment through online banking.

BCP Return Forms

BCP Return Form - after April 1, 2018

BCP Return Form - prior to April 1, 2018

Apply for a Beverage Container Program Refund


If you have remitted Beverage Container Program (BCP) amounts in error or have overpaid BCP amounts you may be eligible for a refund. You may claim a refund by applying to the Ministry of Finance.

Note that refund applications may be subject to future audit verification.


You must claim a refund within four years from the date of overpayment.

The Ministry of Finance will not pay refunds of $5 or less.

How to Apply

Submit a completed Application for Refund form along with supporting documentation to:



           Ministry of Finance

           Revenue Division

           PO Box 200

           Regina SK S4P 2Z6

Bulletins and Information Notices  

ID Title Bulletin Survey
BC-5 Ready to Serve Beverages Launch

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