Education Property Tax

The Education Property Tax (EPT) Annual return will be available for online filing beginning January 1, 2023 and is due January 31, 2023. You may grant "view only" access to your annual return to third parties such as the municipal auditor. Review the delegating Authorized Users guide here: Delegating Authorized Users Guide

QUICK TIPS regarding the 2022 EPT Annual Return

  • To simplify the reconciliation between the monthly return and annual return accounts, please be sure all of the 2022 monthly returns are filed before starting to file the 2022 annual return. You will be unable to submit your 2022 Annual Return if all of the monthly returns are not filed.
  • Clients are required to file “NIL” returns for monthly return periods where there is no tax to report, this includes where restructuring has occurred part way through the year;
  • The deadline for amending 2022 monthly returns is January 10, 2023.  If you have an adjustment to an amount previously reported in one of your monthly returns it will be reflected in line 12, the variance of your annual return.
  • If your December remittance was not processed by January 11 of the following year, then it will show as outstanding in line 14 and line 15 of your annual return. Please adjust lines 14 and 15 on your printed copy and note the date your payment was processed for your records and the municipal auditor.

Updated detailed guidelines for completing your 2022 EPT Annual Return can be found here: EPT Annual Return Manual

To view a recorded webinar regarding Filing an EPT Annual Return in SETS, please follow this link: Webinar

General information regarding Education Property Tax can be found here: Information for Municipalities concerning Education Property Tax

For questions about the following, please contact the Ministry of Finance                     

  • Filing EPT returns in SETS;            
  • Notice to File;
  • Penalties and Interest; or
  • Account Balance:

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