Tax Tips Line

When a business or individual does not comply with provincial tax legislation, businesses face unfair competition and a burden is placed on all taxpayers who do comply. It causes significant loss in the revenue available to fund services such as health, education and other important government programs.

Tax Tips Line provides an anonymous, fully confidential way for the public to report businesses or individuals who are participating in tax fraud. If you suspect that a business or individual is being dishonest with their provincial taxes or is misrepresenting their activities to reduce their taxes, you can report them using Tax Tips Line.

All lead information and tips are taken seriously. We will review the information received and proceed with the necessary compliance action. However, it may not always be possible or appropriate to act on the information immediately. You will not receive feedback or updates after you submit a lead. The Ministry of Finance cannot disclose information about other taxpayers.

Tax Tips Line is specifically and solely for information related to provincial tax compliance. Any unrelated inquiries or information will not be addressed by the Tax Tips Line and should be directed to the appropriate organization.


How to Report

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